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Wood and Metal Experience

Chris Afuba Actually my initial shot at metal, was as a student of art at the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. In 1988, as a second year student, we had no lecturer for metal sculpture. Having read about it in Sculpture: Methods and Materials by Richard Rich, and some other books, the zeal to…
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The Innovation of Recycling

Ifeanvi Ojobor Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu The process of spread of a given idea, technique, method or practice, over time, via specifiable channels, through a social structure like a school, a neighborhood, a factory or a tribe is called diffusion (Katz et al, 1963). An innovation is a new idea, method or technique.…
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Art Is Everywhere 2008 and the Challenge of Continuity

Ugochukwu-Smooth Nzewi Nzewi is an artist, art historian, and curator. He is currently Curator of African Art at Dartmouth College's Hood Museum of Art. “Tick says the Clock tick tick…what you have to do do quick.” A popular nursery rhyme In January 2004, the Pan-African Circle of Artists organized the third in the series of…
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